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Rhymes can help children look a bit more carefully at the natural world around them. Take the opportunities that rhymes offer to have conversations with your child. The following rhyme gives the two of you a chance to talk about turtles.

I had a little turtle. (make a fist)
He lived in a box. (Outline box shape with fingers)
He swam in the water. (Make swimming motions)
And he climbed on the rocks.
(Make climbing motions)
He snapped at a minnow. (Make grabbing motion)
He snapped at a flea. (Make a grabbing motion)
He snapped at a mosquito. (Make grabbing motion)
And he snapped at me. (Make grabbing motion)
He caught the minnow. (Clap cupped hands)
He caught the flea. (Clap cupped hands)
He caught the mosquito. (Clap cupped hands)
But he didn't catch me! (Point to yourself and shake head)

 img communication knowledge iconimg language thinking iconThis tip helps promote communication and language development.

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